Installing Paz on Bare Metal

Paz works fine on a bare metal install, but there is no installation script available for it yet.

You need to create your cluster, then add the contents of bare_metal/user-data to your cloud config, and finally submit the unit files.

  1. Create your cluster.
  2. Paste the contents of bare_metal/user-data into your cloud config file. Be sure to alter the networking information to match your setup.
  3. Go to and copy the URL that it prints in the browser, pasting it into the userdata text area instead of the one that is already there.
  4. Install Paz:
$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa
$ FLEETCTL_TUNNEL=<MACHINE_IP> fleetctl -strict-host-key-checking=false start unitfiles/1/*

...where <MACHINE_IP> is an IP address of any node in your cluster.
You can wait for all units to be active/running like so:

$ FLEETCTL_TUNNEL=<MACHINE_IP> watch -n 5 fleetctl -strict-host-key-checking=false list-units

Once they're up you can install the final services:

$ FLEETCTL_TUNNEL=<MACHINE_IP> fleetctl -strict-host-key-checking=false start unitfiles/2/*